Friday, April 2, 2010

On the way home from last night's rehearsal... we were approaching the San Anselmo HUB at Red Hill Blvd., Arne had to pull the car over in a hurry, as we saw some fool in a green SUV speeding from San Rafael, followed by a few police cars. Tires were screeching, lights were flashing and sirens were blaring, as we watched him attempt a U-Turn in the middle of the street - and when another police car blocked him, he stopped for a moment, then decided to back into and CRUNCH the front end of one of the police cars, then turn right and head straight toward us. We sat and held our breath, powerless to do anything but hope that he wouldn't hit us head on. As he zoomed past us by a margin way too close for comfort, we sat in stunned disbelief as more police cars came speeding in hot pursuit. I wonder what led this young man to do something so senseless. I hope he figures out a way to turn his life around.

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