Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Tuesdays are Bluesdays" at The Belrose in San Rafael!

The Plant Studios hosts "Tuesdays are Bluesdays" at The Belrose in San Rafael!

Why? To celebrate American roots music, demonstrate how all rock is rooted in the blues, to keep musicians working and playing in our community and to help the Belrose sustain its rep as the coolest little theatre in Marin!
Here's how it usually plays out : every week, starting at 7:00, the house band, Livin' Like Kings learns a new tune, then at 8:00, we open the doors to let in our friends in on the rest of rehearsal - at 9:00 the band plays a short set then, Arne Frager (bass player/bandleader) hand picks a local musician to join the band -
Given Arne's 20 year history at The Plant, and his long list of album credits, you never know who will show up.

So far, Don Bassey, Vernon Black, Scott Petersen & Prairie Prince have stopped by to sit in. This week (11/30) we expect Chip Roland (known best for his work with Zero and the Faraway Brothers) and maybe a few more Zero alumni. Rumour has it that Judge and Lauren Murphy will join us tonight!

Margie keep the fun flowing with beer, wine or a variety of juice and soda - and some folks bring snacks to share with new and old friends -
It's the best Tuesday night music party you're likely to find anywhere!

Admission is only $5 - We also have a collection box for our favorite local non-profit arts programs, for those who are willing and able to give a little more.
Contact the BELROSE for directions!

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