Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20th : San Geronimo Valley Community Center

May 20th : Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings benefit for the San Geronimo Valley Community Center - a benefit for their arts fund. Oddly enough, I had intended this to be a benefit for the Affordable Housing Association, but they passed on our offer to help so as not to make it seem as if they were endorsing my candidacy. Politics is a funny thing. 
So, hopefully, after the election, we can do another show as a benefit for that organization. Sending love and light to all. Hope you can make it. The SGVCC has a wonderful vibe - it's everything that a community center should be. First did a gig there about 20 years ago with Greggs Eggs!

Show starts at 8 pm! Get there early so we can hang out. 

This is our last gig for another while. Arne is having back surgery on Monday. Please send some good vibes. 


Very grateful to be joined by many friends for this show : 
Dore Coller, Pat Campbell, Tomas D., Roberta Donnay, Willow Van de Hoek, Stephen Farzad, too many to list!